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Nabila Husna

Name: Nabila Husna

Field: Microbiology

Level/Position: M.Sc. student

Latest Working Experience: Graduate Assistant in School of Biological Sciences

Research Title: Evaluation of spent bleaching clay (SBC) as a carbon source in polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) production

Biography: Nabila Husna obtained her Bachelor and Master’s degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia in the field of Microbiology. Her previous research was in isolation, identification and antimicrobial activity of endophytic fungal isolate OSN-94 isolated from Ocimum sanctum leaves. She started to join the Ecobiomaterial Research Lab as research assistant that focusses on project of PHA production using 100 L bioreactor.   She was a graduate assistant in School of Biological Sciences that assist in preparing materials for laboratories teaching and helped undergraduates in their experiments for respective courses. To date, she has published one review paper entitled “The potential application of Cupriavidus necator as polyhydroxyalkanoates producer and single cell protein: A review on scientific, cultural and religious perspectives”. Currently she is pursuing her MSc degree under the supervision of Prof. Dr. K. Sudesh Kumar. Her research focuses on evaluating the absorbed residual oil in spent bleaching clay as inexpensive carbon source for PHA production. The extracted polymer was further characterized using TGA, NMR, FTIR and rheological properties.