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Physiology of PHA Metabolism

Bacteria synthesis and store PHAs when they lack the complete range of nutrients required for cell division but have generous supply of carbon. Quantity of PHA accumulated increased as the carbon to nitrogen ratio increased [3]. The biosynthesis of PHA was shown to be initiated by magnesium or sulphate deficiency, as well as a nitrogen, phosphate [4, 5] and/or oxygen limitation [6].


Cell divisions of Cupriavidus necator H16 during
active growth phase


Formation of small P(3HB) granule near the nucleoid
region in C. necatorH16 grown on palm kernel acid
oil (PKAO) with the supplementation of high nitrogen
concentration (low C/N ratio)


C. necator H16 grown in minimal medium (MM)
supplemented with 50 mM urea as the nitrogen source
(low C/N ratio)


C. necator H16 with approximately 60 wt% of P(3HB)
after cultivation for 72 h in MM with 5 g/L PKAO and
5 mM of urea (high C/N ratio)