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K. Sudesh Kumar was born in Kuala Lumpur on the 4th of  April 1967 but was brought up in Gemas, a small railway town in Negeri Sembilan. He obtained his Bachelor of Science (Zoology)  from  Universiti  Kebangsaan  Malaysia  in  1991  and  then  his  Masters  in Biotechnology from Universiti  Malaya in 1994. Following  which he was awarded  the Japanese  Government  Scholarship  (Monbusho)  to  pursue  his  PhD  in  Japan.  After successfully  completing  a  6-month  intensive  Japanese  Language  Course  at  Chiba University in 1995, he obtained his doctorate in 1999 from Saitama University. He did his Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Yoshiharu Doi who is a world leader in the field of microbial bioplastics. He then secured the prestigious Special Postdoctoral Fellow at RIKEN,  which is the top research institute in Japan. In 2001, he returned to Malaysia under the Brain Gain Program and joined Universiti Sains Malaysia on the 1st  Nov. 2001 as a lecturer. He was then promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2005, then Associate Professor in 2008 and Professor in 2011.


Sudesh’s research focus has centered on biodegradable plastics since 1992, when he embarked on his Masters project. He has published  more than 100 peer-reviewed  original articles, review papers, book and book chapters and about 100 conference abstracts.

Since joining USM, Sudesh has placed great emphasis on translating his fundamental knowledge on biodegradable plastics into practical applications. In line with USM’s and also  national  interest,  he  has  devoted  his  time  and  resources  to developing  novel processes  and products related to biodegradable  plastics. To date, he has 5 patents and  another 5 under the filling process.  For the various products he has developed, he  has  received  5  gold,  2  silver  and  1  bronze  medals  at  local  and international exhibitions.  USM has awarded him 15 Hall of Fame Awards (Anugerah Sanggar Sanjung) and 18 Prizes (Hadiah Sanjungan) in the past 9 years. He is also the recipient of USM’s Excellent  Service Award (Anugerah  Perkhidmatan  Cemerlang) in 2006 and 2011 and Ministry of Higher Education’s Excellent Scientist Recognition (Penghargaan Saintis Cemerlang) in 2005. He recently received the ITEX Gold Medal for the invention of ‘Ecofriendly and Userfriendly Lipase Assay Kit’ at the 24th International Invention, Innovation &Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2013.

Currently,  Sudesh  is the main supervisor  for 17 Ph.D. and 8 M.Sc students studying at local and oversea.  He has already  graduated  12  Ph.D.  and  13  M.Sc  students  in  the  past  12 years.  His  latest international success was in organizing and chairing the 2nd  International Conference on Biobased Polymers (ICBP 2009), which brought together world leaders in this field to USM. He gave his professorial talk on the 30th of August 2013. The talk was covered by the USM reporters and can be found at

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